Night Light CD


Music © 2008 Vidia Wesenlund (BMI)
Stone & Star Publishing


:|: Night Music from Scandinavia

1. Byssan lull, koka kittelen full (5:32)
2. Lova lova line (6:05)
3. Sulla meg litt (7:14)
4. Trollmors sang (7:20)
5. Mammas sang (4:10)
6. Så ro godt barn (6:01)
7. Jag vet en dejlig rosa (4:18)
8. Bya bya (6:30)
9. Bysjan bysjan lite bån (4:05)

It has been a very interesting process to record these Scandinavian lullabies in the desert of New Mexico. Among cactus, red sand and burning sun I have fallen in love with the melancholy of the north. I remember these songs from growing up in Norway, but singing them now gives me an experience of how the depth of darkness and the clarity of light can exist at the same time in one song. And in this way it reflects what is so much a part of the northern countries, - light and darkness that show up in such extreme ways. The songs have brought these two opposites together for me, letting our dark and light sides exist in the same space, through the tenderness of the lullabye. I hope you will have your own unique experience as you listen to these songs from the land where the days are dark and the nights are light.

I need to tell you how mesmerized and deeply moved by your music I was, and am. You have an absolutely stunning voice, and on top of that you fill the music with such heart, sincerity and depth, it is breathtaking. It is rare to hear someone singing from the soul as profoundly as you do and I feel that you have a gift that the world sorely needs. More than congratulating you on a very beautiful (and beautifully produced) recording, I want to thank you for sharing your love in the form of your singing. Nothing is more wonderful than someone giving all of themselves to their art.
-- Garry Jones

Vidia Wesenlund   This is Vidia Wesenlund's first solo album. Song was an important part of her early years. When she later studied different singing techniques both in Norway and the US, she always ended up listening to jazz. Since she always compared herself to black jazz singers, and didn’t sound like one, she stopped singing altogether. Twenty years later she moved back to the USA, to New Mexico, and started singing in a Celtic band. This made Vidia find her way back to her own voice, and finally made her record this album of Scandinavian Night Songs.

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